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The services we provide are unique in terms of the ‘whole family’ approach.


Addiction combines a number of complex issues to the detriment of the individual’s health, financial stability and often the safety, security and well-being of the family as a whole.


Children and young people within the family are at particular risk of becoming involved in the addiction, witnessing chaotic and distressing behaviours, being drawn into substance procurement or petty crime and ultimately becoming users themselves. The family unit is the cornerstone of every community and by helping each family group affected by addiction we help to strengthen the community cohesion across South Bristol and wider.


The services support those who would otherwise fall within the gaps of existing substance misuse services.  Without these free services, clients would be left to find whatever information they can, with no structure to interpret and apply their knowledge in ways that is helpful to them and their families.  The service is open access; people self-refer or come to us through GP referrals and other specialist organisations.   


Our services

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