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Hawkspring is a community rooted organisation based in Hartcliffe, South Bristol, an area that is within the worst 1% of deprivation in England and Wales.

Coronavirus Service Update

Despite the current restrictions we are still taking referrals and supporting clients, but all services are now being offered by video or phone call. The referral form for all services is found on the “Tools and Resources” page of this website. Please see the details below for information on our adapted support services.

Recovery and Carers Support

  • Video support sessions are our preferred method, as they best replicate face to face sessions
  • Telephone support sessions are available for people without access to technology or people who are not comfortable using it
  • All clients with access to technology will be offered an initial 30-minute informal video taster session to break the ice, “meet” their support worker, try out video conferencing software and have support learning to use it if necessary
  • After taster session, clients can make final decision about preferred support platform – video or phone
  • A regular time slot for support sessions and platform will be agreed between client and support worker
  • 15 structured support sessions will commence
  • Each session will last up to 45 minutes
  • Same terms apply to video/phone sessions as face to face sessions


Children and Young Peoples Support

We are still taking referrals to our Children and Young Peoples services but due to the differing regulations in each school and the rapid rate at which things are currently changing, the children and young peoples support services will be assessed on a case by case basis, taking into account the situation at the young persons school and other health and safety issues. If you would like to speak to one of our team about this please email info@hawkspring.org.uk or call 0117 964 2859

Bristol Confidential Drug and Alcohol Support Groups

We provide services across the wider Bristol area and address the needs of families who are adversely affected by substance misuse.

Our work is intensive, holistic and life changing. Our services combine prevention, crisis intervention, treatment and education for individuals as young as 5 right through to pensioners.

We aim to lessen the negative impact of drug and alcohol misuse on vulnerable individuals, families and the community. We are the only service in Bristol, and wider afield, offering this range of specialist support; and we are also the only service that supports primary school aged children within the school environment. Our unique approach enables members of the same family to access support in the same place.

We know addiction has an impact on the whole family.

That’s why our services support everyone.


Support • guide • recovery

We believe that families play an important role in the recovery journey.

drug recovery bristol

Supporting Recovery

Each recovery journey is individual. We tailor treatment and support to meet each person’s circumstances. Our recovery programme includes 1:1 support sessions, groups and crisis intervention.

alcohol recovery

Supporting carers

Carers and other family members are often traumatised, isolated and living in fear. In addition to caring for a loved one with addiction, they are living with a range of other challenges which can include financial difficulties, poverty, domestic violence.


Supporting young people

50% of the children we support are 8 years old and younger, 50% are aged 9-13 years old. Our young clients are living with the impact of parental / familial substance misuse at home and within the community around them.

Taking the first step, is the hardest

 “On behalf of the GP’s here at Hillview practice, Hartcliffe, Bristol I have been asked to say that all the work of Hawkspring is both recognised and used and is greatly valued by the practice. The most particular benefit seen by us is the work done with families.”

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