A resilient and respected community charity

A specialist drugs and alcohol recovery charity based in the community of Hartcliffe and Withywood, Bristol. We empower families, schools and communities to live healthier lives free from substance misuse and addiction.

Our history

Established in 2013, Hawkspring grew out of a need that was identified in the local community. The charity comprises HAWKS (Hartcliffe And Withywood Kick Start) and KWADS (Knowle West Against Drugs), set up by parents of adult children with addiction problems, who came together to amplify their impact. Today we continue to work closely with our community in Hartcliffe, but also offer our services across Bristol and beyond.

A holistic approach

We take a unique family led and holistic approach to the recovery process. Addiction affects more than just the individual, which is why we are committed to supporting everyone, from siblings and parents, to children or carers. This unique approach enables members of the same family to access support in the same place, and we are the only service in the Bristol area offering this range of specialist support.

No matter the situation, we never judge anyone that walks through our door. We are passionate about breaking the stigma around drug and alcohol recovery and helping everyone who needs support to access it.

We understand the sensitivity of the recovery journey, and create safe, stable spaces where everyone feels comfortable sharing their experience, voicing concerns and asking questions. We build trusted relationships that support physical and emotional safety for all.

We are open to anyone who is struggling with drugs or alcohol, no matter their age, background or situation, and don’t have the high thresholds that may stop some who need it from accessing the right support.

Our approach is grounded in empathy, care and understanding. We take time to understand our client’s life experiences and trauma and tailor our programme to individual situations, whilst prioritising choice and empowerment. 

Meet the team

We are a trusted organisation of friendly and approachable faces. Our small but dedicated team are specialists in therapeutic care and recovery and have been delivering expert-led 1:1 sessions alongside group work for years.

A positive future for Hartcliffe

Hartcliffe is an underserved but resilient community, facing the challenges that come with being in the 10% most deprived areas of England and Wales. We are here to help Hartcliffe realise its potential, and whilst our services are open to anyone, many of our clients live within the local area. Hartcliffe has a special place in our hearts and we want to help the area thrive and build a positive future for its residents.

“It’s vital to have community-based services as people may not be able to get to city services. The Hawkspring services are well respected by professionals and residents alike, and network well to let everyone know what’s happening.” Local organisation

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