Changing family life for the better

Substance misuse and addiction affects more than just the individual. Concerned family members often neglect their own wellbeing needs whilst worrying about their loved ones, but help and support is important for and available to everyone.

Our 1:1 concerned others programme

Research shows that involving families in recovery significantly boosts treatment adherence and reduces relapse risks. Yet, support for concerned loved ones is limited. That’s why we extend our 1:1 support to any adult affected by substance misuse. Whether you’re a parent, family member, friend, or caregiver, our program offers personalized drug and alcohol education. Our trained practitioners help improve your well-being, coping skills, and ability to support your loved ones. Each week, we cover various topics to develop healthy coping mechanisms and strategies for change, tailored to your needs. This includes addressing enabling behaviors and enhancing protection for yourself and any involved children.

Group support

Never struggle alone. We believe in the power of being together to navigate times of crisis.

This regular group covers similar content to the 1:1 programme, but delivered in a group setting. It is a chance to connect with others going through the same situation, share experiences and advice, meet regularly with practitioners and be part of an encouraging community support network. It helps people understand their own needs and gain a better understanding of appropriate responses to the behaviour of their loved ones.

This group is a domestic violence programme designed primarily for women who are victims of domestic abuse which can often occur in situations where drug and/or alcohol misuse are involved. The first half of this combined group focuses on the Freedom Programme and the second half on drug and alcohol education. This group can be accessed by concerned others and recovery clients but is woman identifying only, and is facilitated by our Senior Drug and Alcohol Practitioner, who has a background in domestic abuse personally and professionally, together with a former client who is now a Hawkspring volunteer.

Our peer support group is a self led group that meets once a month to help and support each other. We provide them with the space and the group is able to listen to each other, share experiences and help with crisis situations. This group empowers family members and friends to structure their sessions as they feel best, and provides a friendly, informal and accessible support network to reduce isolation.

Fortnightly check in calls before the programme starts and  weekly drop in sessions to those on the waiting list. Here you can access advice and resources from day one. You can ask questions and we also complete the initial paperwork during the calls, so you are all set up and ready to go. The drop in group helps people understand what addiction means to them, the stage they are at and allows our clients to get to know Hawkspring, and us to know them.

The Benefits

Develop healthy coping mechanisms

Through accessing support, you will be better equipped to look after your own physical and emotional wellbeing and able to better support loved ones.

Stop enabling

It is common for people to think they’re helping when actually they are enabling. We help you look at and identify these behaviours, and put in healthy boundaries, to create positive change.

Helping recovery clients

If a concerned other enters into support and treatment too, then the person with the drug and/or alcohol problem is more likely to sustain treatment themselves.

We support everyone

Find out more about our recovery service for the individuals facing drug or alcohol related challenges themselves. Whilst we embrace the whole family approach, we are committed to supporting any individual who could benefit from our services and others don’t need to be involved, or they can be at a later date.

Support at a young age can make all the difference. We offer specialist, therapeutic, 1:1 support for children and young people affected by drug and alcohol misuse, to improve their wellbeing, strengthen family relationships and gain an understanding of addiction and related issues.

“I have grown as a mother, grandmother and person who has developed strategies to move forward on a day to day basis. Our lives are so much better now as a result of this support.”  Concerned Others Client

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