Supporting your recovery journey

Regain control, improve mental and physical wellbeing, and achieve long term recovery. For anyone struggling with addiction, substance or alcohol misuse, our personal recovery service enables you to make positive steps toward a healthier and happier life.

Our 1:1 recovery programme

No recovery journey is the same. That’s why our recovery programme is tailored to each individual’s circumstances.

Our 12 week programme

This established, therapeutic programme follows a structure of 12 weekly sessions, each one covering different topics which help to build resilience and find coping strategies. It is tailored to each individual and we deliver each topic in a way that responds to your needs, different learning styles, personalities and schedules, while responding to any issues that may arise throughout the programme.

You will be allocated a trained practitioner who can offer practical advice, set personalised goals, offer motivational support and find creative ways for you to reach your desired outcome.

Crisis intervention

We are there when you need it. We assess each situation and circumstance individually and provide crisis intervention if necessary, where we support clients without delay. This could include anything from accessing emergency medical assistance or crisis prevention such as housing advice, directing you to other organisations or local authorities, or access to food banks and mental health support.

We help those struggling to get back on their feet and prevent them from spiralling further. We believe in the power of human beings working together to navigate times of crisis.

Group support

Supportive group sessions to make recovery easier, together.

This group for recovery clients is a chance to meet regularly with practitioners and others going through the 1:1 recovery programme. Meet others in similar situations, share your experiences and advice, and support one another. We provide a community support network for everyone, you will never struggle alone.

Fortnightly check in calls before the programme starts and  weekly drop in sessions to those on the waiting list. Here you can access advice and resources from day one. You can ask questions and we also complete the initial paperwork during the calls, so you are all set up and ready to go. The drop in group helps people understand what addiction means to them, the stage they are at and allows our clients to get to know Hawkspring, and us to know them.

This group is designed for those with different learning styles, covering similar areas to our standard recovery service but delivered in a more creative way. We are committed to making sessions work for everyone, and ensuring that everyone can understand and embrace the power of positive change. We can also deliver our one-to-one sessions using the creative connections approach. 

A new online evening group for people who are on the waiting list and those who are finishing their 1:1 recovery programme – a way to continue supporting recovery as the course comes to an end. 

We support everyone


Our recovery service is for anyone over 18 who faces challenges relating to drugs and alcohol addiction. We continue to work primarily with our community in Hartcliffe and Withywood, but we also offer our services to people from Bristol and beyond.

Substance misuse and addiction affects everyone. That’s why we are committed to working together with the whole family to make meaningful change possible. Find out more about our services for Concerned Others and Children and Young People.

“I was given a number of tools and techniques to help me manage my usage and think about consequences. What was very useful was a tool to delay my daily usage, which helped me to start reducing down.”  Recovery Client

Why Hawkspring?

Local knowledge

Based in South Bristol, we understand the local community and the challenges that people face here. We help Hartcliffe to realise its potential, and whilst our services are open to anyone, many of our clients live in the local area. Hartcliffe has a special place in our hearts and as a trusted organisation within the community, we are helping to build a positive future for its residents.

Based in South Bristol, we understand the local community and the challenges that people face here. We help Hartcliffe to realise its potential, and whilst our services are open to anyone, many of our clients live in the local area.

Lived experience

We understand how it feels. We have a lot of lived experience in our team, ranging from family drug and alcohol misuse to recovery experience, so our practitioners are well equipped to help you. Our approach is grounded in empathy, care and understanding.

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