Working together to support families

Support at a young age can make all the difference. We help children and young people affected by family alcohol or substance misuse to build positive futures through education, awareness and mental health and wellbeing support.

Our 1:1 programme within schools

When things are going on at home it can be complex. Emotions can manifest in various ways for children, including challenging behaviour, taking on caring responsibilities, or isolating themselves. Our targeted 1:1 therapeutic programme, offered within the school environment, helps them to deal with these emotions, minimise risk, increase understanding and improve wellbeing from an early stage. Open to children aged 5 -18, we primarily work with those in primary education. This type of unique, specialist intervention isn’t often available at this early age, but support at this stage can significantly help lessen longer term harm and trauma. 

Our 1:1 programme delivers different topics each week within school time. We build trusting relationships with children in a safe environment where they can tell their stories, learn coping techniques, deal with complex emotions and gain awareness of addiction and its effects. Guided by years of experience, we tailor each programme to the child, providing a deep and personalised level of support to help children feel seen, heard and supported.

“[Child’s] enthusiasm to work with Richard (Hawkspring Practitioner) shows great relationships have been made quickly and things do seem calmer. Reduced incidents and reduced lengths of outbursts.”  Lisa Craig, Headteacher

Group support

We also supplement 1:1 support with group support and summer holiday activities.

School holiday activities

During summer and Christmas holidays we run weekly workshops with some children and young people with difficult home lives. This provides a safe space outside of term time to maintain regular contact, connect with others with shared experiences and access support. From days out, to places like the SS Great Britain, to craft activities, these are a chance for children to have fun in a positive and uplifting way!

Bespoke programmes for schools

We also deliver bespoke programmes for children within schools, such as our peer support Prefect Programme which trains and supports other students to be a supportive point of contact for younger children. We can also deliver programmes directly to students about current problems, like vaping, or create a new programme for specific issues that your school might be facing.

The Benefits

Help children reach their potential

Support at a young age can help harm reduction and prevention, as well as breaking the cycle of addiction by minimising the risk of repeated behaviours in later life. We are always non judgemental and here to help break the stigma.

Improved family relationships

Some children can become young carers for parents or younger siblings. Seeking support can improve family relationships, increase awareness and understanding and help children build trust in a safe and supportive way.

Mental health and wellbeing

We help children deal with complex emotions, improve their self esteem, reduce feelings of isolation and believe in them when others may not. This can improve behavioural problems and academic performance  by helping them to feel safe and seen.

We support everyone

If you’re a concerned family member affected by substance misuse but over 18, we also offer the same level of specialist, therapeutic, 1:1 support. Develop coping strategies, improve wellbeing, strengthen family relationships and support yourself and your loved ones in a healthy and positive way.

Find out more about our recovery service for the individuals facing drug or alcohol related challenges themselves. Whilst we embrace the whole family approach, we are committed to supporting any individual who could benefit from our services and others don’t need to be involved, or they can be at a later date.

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