Your recovery
starts today

Whether you need to access our support yourself, or get help for someone else, starting your support journey with us is simple. Just fill out the form below either online, with us over the phone or in person. You’ll get support from day one with our Kickstart service.

Support for all

Whether you need support for yourself, a friend, family member or are a professional making a referral. Fill out your details below, one of the team will be in contact to complete your referral. PLEASE NOTE: You must have consent from the person being referred.

Alternatively, you can download a PDF referral form here: Recovery referral form, Young People’s referral form, Concerned Others referral form.

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If you need support filling out the form, don’t hesitate to contact us, we’re always happy to help. We know that reaching out for support can be scary and take time, but no matter your situation, positive change is within reach.

What next?

Once we have received the form, we open the case as a new referral and the individual gets put on the waiting list. You have the opportunity to access our Kickstart service from day one to start receiving support without delay.

If there is a situation that appears more urgent, this may get prioritised. We’re not an emergency service, although we do offer a level of crisis intervention if someone needs help immediately. This could include anything from accessing emergency medical assistance to housing advice, food banks and mental health support.

We match you up to the appropriate service or programme, ranging from 1:1 support to group sessions. We do everything we can to support the needs of the individual through our human centred approach and flexible programmes to help people regain stability. We will also help direct you to other sources of support where needed.

Our recovery programme is 12 weeks long, but we will sometimes offer additional support beyond this where needed. Clients are also free to re-refer themselves into the programme at any time, in this situation they are normally allocated to another practitioner to avoid dependency on one person.

Throughout, we are always here for you to speak with. We are a small and approachable team and you will always be able to speak to a human, not a system.

Avoid lengthy waiting lists

We pride ourselves on always offering some level of support from the very start. Our Kickstart service avoids frustratingly long waiting lists with fortnightly check in calls before our programme starts, and weekly drop in sessions to those on the waiting list. This group helps attendees understand what addiction means to them, the stage they are at and allows clients to get to know Hawkspring, and us to know them.

Through the check in calls we can stay in touch and individuals can access advice and resources from day one. They can ask questions and we also complete the initial paperwork during this time, so you are all set up and ready to go as soon as your full programme starts. Generally speaking our waiting list for the 12 week programme is three months, although this fluctuates, and contact will be maintained throughout this time.

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