Enabling meaningful change

Discover how Hawkspring’s holistic approach brings positive changes to families, communities, and individuals affected by addiction and substance misuse.

Empowering the community

Our pioneering whole family approach was born out of our understanding of our community and our clients; the challenges they face and the solutions that work for them. With their feedback and involvement, we have continued to improve our services enabling us to bring about positive changes in their lives. We take a holistic approach proven to facilitate recovery, prevent relapses, and improve family relationships, support carers and other family members, including children.

Our impact

We provide intensive and long-term support, including structured 1:1 sessions and diverse support group sessions.

We have directly helped approximately


people over the past 5 years across all of our services.

Demand continues to grow, we now serve around


clients annually with ambitions to extend our scope.

Stories of hope and resilience




Want to be part of our journey?

We are a small, independent charity and are grateful for any support you can offer to help us make a difference for families in Bristol and beyond.

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