Safe learning environments

From preventative drug and alcohol education to training programmes giving your staff the tools and resources to support families in their community, we are here to help you create happy and healthy professional environments.

For schools

Teacher training programme

An established teacher training programme which gives staff a foundation level of knowledge of issues surrounding addiction and substance misuse. We equip staff to identify issues going on at home and understand how they can approach parents and signpost families to specialist help.

The training can be tailored to you and delivered in one full day, or split into 2 or 3 shorter sessions depending on what works best for your school. Delivered by experts, you will also receive comprehensive training materials and resources to refer back to at any point. Let’s make schools places of safety and security for parents, staff and children.

Bespoke school programmes

If your school is facing a particular problem, we can create and deliver bespoke training and educational programmes around this need. When we are working directly to with students, this is free of charge.

Vaping in schools programme

We delivered a 6 week programme to tackle children vaping and smoking in school in partnership with the Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership (HWCP); this was in response to a bespoke request from a local school. We always stay up to date with the latest common problems and how to tackle them, and can offer support if your school is facing a similar, or different issue. Our programmes can help to educate and raise awareness as well as preventing issues from escalating further.

Prefect programme

Our Perfect Programme is a peer support programme which trains older students to act as mentors and a safe, approachable point of contact for younger children to ask questions and raise concerns. Younger children may feel unable to approach adults and this gives them an accessible route to support in a less intimidating way, whilst giving the older students training experience and responsibility. The prefects are fully supported and the training is generally delivered over 6 weeks of hourly training.

For professionals

We also offer training to other professional bodies to help create safer and healthier communities for all. Increase knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding drugs and alcohol and find useful tools to better deal with problems that those in your community might be facing. We help you identify issues and know how and where to signpost people for specialist support.

Drug and alcohol misuse permeates all of society; if you are an organisation supporting others, working with children or anyone involved with trauma, training can be particularly beneficial in helping you to better serve your communities in a holistic way. The training can be delivered according to your schedule, in a day or as a half day condensed version.

We are also open to training exchanges with organisations, just reach out to discuss.

“I was given a number of tools and techniques to help me manage my usage and think about consequences. What was very useful was a tool to delay my daily usage, which helped me to start reducing down.” Recovery Client

The benefits

We are committed to maintaining a confidential and non judgemental environment for everyone involved in our programs. We understand the sensitivity of the recovery journey, and create safe and open spaces for everyone to voice concerns and questions.

Training programmes equip your staff with the tools and resources to better support those dealing with drug and alcohol misuse. We give you foundation knowledge so that you know what to do in a crisis situation, can signpost others to specialist support and feel confident to help break the stigma around substance misuse.

We are an independent organisation and able to respond quickly to emerging problems and trends that your communities are facing. All of our training programmes are bespoke, and we have the agency and autonomy to adjust training to meet needs, numbers and specific requests.

We offer follow up consultations after training programmes to answer questions and are on hand if you need advice about specific situations. We develop ongoing and trusted  relationships with partner schools and organisations to help everyone feel supported, not just now, but in the future.

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